The 1-Hour Goddess Success Group

- Kick-start 2016 with new, healthy and sustainable habits

The 1-Hour Goddess Success Group 2 starts on March 14th and ends on April 18th

Diets are not built for the long term. Your body is - and it deserves a sustainable lifestyle.

We’ve all been there. Hours on the treadmill, counting every single calorie in our doughnuts and obsessing over the scale. It’s not fun, and it doesn’t last. What’s needed instead is a set of healthy habits that you’re happy with, and that can last for the rest of your life. A lifestyle that will give your body what it deserves.

This 5-week Success Group by Anne Clara Laugesen gives you the boost that you need to find and implement this lifestyle. The Success Group is based on the principles of The 1-Hour Goddess and is designed to get you into the habits of a clean eating & simple and quick resistance training routine.

The Success Group is run online and includes:

  • Total 5 weeks - 1 preparation week followed by 4 weeks of getting into the new habits
  • A small group of max 10 women that will get to know each other and support each other in getting into the right habits
  • 6 group Virtual Meetings, one each week, where we all check in about how we’re doing
  • A common Facebook group to post workout pictures + meal pictures
  • The program is based on the book The 1-Hour Goddess, so upon signing up you will receive an e-book version of the book & the print version

The Success Group only has 10 spots - so make sure you reserve yours asap (click here).

Please note that this is NOT a quick-fix weight loss program. The Success Group is designed to get you into the right habits in a realistic way so to ensure your independent continuation of carrying out the habits. As such you MAY lose a bit of weight during the first month, but you may also gain weight but LOSE FAT.

The basic principles of The 1-Hour Goddess

We don’t believe in diets - we believe in sustainable life changes. The 1-Hour Goddess is based on clean eating - we work with a slight modification of paleo that allows for a weekly cheat day.
If we fuel our bodies with natural, fresh foods and stay away from sugar and processed goods, our bodies will naturally get into a healthy state. As a result, there’s no need to count calories and obsess about the weight on the scale. Pairing this with a sustainable sleep cycle and a quick, intense weight lifting routine, we remove the focus from “losing weight” and instead focus on losing fat and getting leaner.

Program overview

Week 1: Preparation week
Introduction to the program
Introduction to the other members
Practical preparation

Week 2: Getting into the habits
Cleaning kitchen of sugar + carbs
Personal preparation
Slowly moving the focus to clean foods
First workout

Week 3: Shock Week
Strict Dynamic Paleo plan provided by us
Continuing with the workout

Week 4: Adaption
Follow your own Dynamic Paleo plan approved by us
Continuing with the workout

Week 5: Turning to the Habits
Follow your own Dynamic Paleo plan approved by us
Continuing with the workout
Wrap-up, evaluation and ensuring independent continuation

But what if…?

You might be wondering why you should pay for being part of my Success Group – and I completely get that.
After all, it’s a group of women all getting together, right?

So, the thing is that when you pay for something, you are much more likely to use it.
You can find all the information I will tell you (and more) online if you search for it by yourself. It’s available out there.

What I’m offering you is a shortcut, saving your time while making sure that you’ll actually use what you learn. Many of the things we’ll cover also won’t be completely new to you – we all know that a burger is junk food and that green kale is healthy.
What’s new is that in this group, we work on the implementation.

You could choose to pay for three spinning classes that will give you a nice one-time workout each, or you can participate in my Success Group for five weeks and transform your life for the better. For the same price.

Some people don’t need me – they have already found their ideal lifestyle, or they have the time and resources to find it themselves. If that’s your case, I’m guessing you wouldn’t be reading this. If you’re short on time and need a supportive environment, it’s different.

Time is the only resource in life that we can’t increase – there’s only 24 hours in a day. So how would you find time to be part of my Success Group?

  1. You do need to be there once a week for a virtual meeting, but the only other thing you commit to is setting goals for yourself and starting this new lifestyle. The first week will take a bit of your time to get started, but as for the rest of the 4 weeks you just need to follow my directions.
  2. You’d anyway be spending time cooking and eating, right?
  3. If now you spend time just once a week going to the gym for two hours, with my Success Group you’d actually save an hour on the workout per week (we work out for only 30 mintutes twice a week).
    In a year that’s 52 hours saved while living a healthier lifestyle.

Also how do you know that the lifestyle I’m advocating is right for you?

First of all, if you’re in doubt you can check out my book - that’s what the program is based on. In my Success Group we do clean eating with a weekly cheat day, and a strength training routine that is hard but quick and efficient. If this doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, the Success Group is not for you.

Secondly, you might be wondering if you can live this lifestyle with the people you have around you:

  • Your kids might not be a fan of specific foods
  • Your boyfriend might not want to eat the way I advocate.

In the end it’s all about how you present it to your environment. I convinced my boyfriend to go Dynamic Paleo just by cooking him delicious dishes that he didn’t know was Paleo until after he’d finish three plates of it.

This is the second time I’m running my Success Group, so you might also be thinking – if it’s only the second time, how do I know that it’s tried and tested and will actually work? Well, everybody is different and you won’t know 100% until you try. But the Success Group is based on research in terms of:

  • Nutrition
  • Fitness
  • Most importantly, the social factor

And even if I as the facilitator knew nothing about working out, you’d still be surrounded by 9 other awesome women that strive for the same goal as you. This is of course not the case as I’m a health geek by heart, but you get the idea.

Every time I run the Group, I will be fine-tuning the next round. This is also why you get this round for only $75 – the third round will be pricier. It is of course up to you if you feel like paying more for a more fine-tuned program is worth it to you.

Finally, if the Success Group does not exceed your expectations, I will pay you back every cent of it. I’m a perfectionist and I hate when people don’t like what I do, so I’d feel horrible about charging for something you didn’t like.

So if you’d like to kick-start 2016 with new, healthy and sustainable habits - join the next Success Group!


Normal price of the Success Group: $370
Special price for the Success Group #2: $75*

The price includes:

  • The 1-Hour Goddess in Print version ($25 value)
  • The 1-Hour Goddess in e-book version ($10 value)
  • 1 preparation week followed by 4 weeks of getting into the new habits
  • A small group of max 10 women that will get to know each other and support each other in getting into the right habits
  • 1 weekly group virtual meeting where we all check in about how we’re doing (in total 6 meetings)
  • A common Facebook group to post workout pictures + meal pictures

*This special price is only available for the group starting March 14th

Money-back guarantee!

If you don’t like the Success Group or don’t feel like it provided you with anything valuable at the end of the program, you will get every cent refunded.

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