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Raspberry Ketone VS Acai Berry

Raspberry Ketone VS Acai Berry

Ahhh, all this hype and anti-hype about both Acai and Raspberry Ketone. So what’s the deal – why should I supplement my diet with any of these?
I believe in a natural approach to life in general – including, and especially when it comes to, my diet. Studying nutrition, I’m not (yet!) an overall expert but I do have some knowledge that I’d like to share with you guys. I’ll be reviewing and comparing the products Rasperry Ketone and Acai Berries extract in this post – I hope you’ll find it helpful.
Just a short disclaimer before discussing food supplements – as they are supplements, they are not to be replacing a healthy, balanced diet and lifestyle. And please do try to eat fresh fruits and veggies and don’t let supplements dominate your diet.

Raspberry Ketone

Raspberry Ketone is the natural phenolic compound that you’d find in red raspberries. Basically, it is what gives the raspberries their signature scent. Manufacturers claim that the ketones will help your body to break down your fat more efficiently, which in turn will aid you in losing weight. To get the same amount of Raspberry Ketone from real raspberries, you’d have to eat thousand of them daily (although I love raspberries, that might make me a little bit sick of them…).

The ketones have been shown in a study to result in an increased secretion of adiponectin. Adiponectin is a hormone released by fat cells that helps the body in breaking down fat. In essence, what it does is it increases lipolysis (fat breakdown) and fatty acid oxidation. The ketones have also been shown to cause an increase in metabolism. Although studies have proved that this is what happens, it is also necessary to mention that a relatively large amount of the ketones is needed to see a big impact.
Although it does aid in lipolysis, I wouldn’t call the Raspberry Ketone a “weight-loss miracle” – rather, I’d call it a nice supplement to an otherwise healthy diet and lifestyle. Also worthy of mention is that by starting to take a Raspberry Ketone supplement, you do need to be on it for while before seeing any changes. More on that later!
I'd buy the Raspberry Ketone from NutraHouse – they’re reliable (won’t overcharge you as many of those other ‘scam sites’) and have a great service, and their products won't disappoint you.


Acai Berry Extract

The South American berry from the Amazon palm tree has been subject to numerous claims – some true, some less so. It has been shown to have several health benefits mainly due to the amount of antioxidants found in the berry. In short, antioxidants are important as they counteract free radicals (that the body naturally produces), reducing the risk of occurring illnesses and chronic diseases. In most cases, our body doesn’t naturally produce nearly as many antioxidants as free radicals, which is why an external supply of antioxidants is necessary.
Apart from the benefits of antioxidants (that mainly is caused by the berry’s purple pigment), the acai berry has also been shown to have an anti-inflammatory effect. Inflammation has been linked to a number of health problems, amongst them various heart diseases and strokes.
But contrary to many beliefs, there has been only few studies and to my awareness no real clinical study on the effects of acai berries on weight loss. Some people have noticed a decrease in appetite, which will of course in the long run lead to a weight loss (all other things equal). A small study by the Nutrition Journal showed that a 30-day intake of Acai results in fasting glucose, insulin and total cholesterol – and no major side effects have been discovered.
In short – you may decide to go for Acai Berry supplement on your diet, and it might help reduce your appetite and thus contribute to a healthier lifestyle without feeling hungry or deprived. But what I really do like about acai is the antioxidants that the berry contains. I'd go for the Acai Cleanse for various reasons - they're a more economical option while still having great quality and they're easy on your digestion system.


If you’re looking for a sustainable way of losing weight, I’d recommend you also make changes to your lifestyle. That being said, the Raspberry Ketone may aid you in losing some weight – but make sure to keep a healthy, natural diet and do work out as well. The
I myself am a fan of Acai Berry and the antioxidants they contain. I like the version found here, as the only other addition than acai is green tea extract – which is another thing I love. Do keep in mind, though, that the acai does not have any clinical studies proving that you’ll lose weight. I stick to acai because I believe that antioxidants are a vital part of our health, and supplementing my diet with it is an easy way of ensuring that I do get enough.
Either way, I’d recommend both of these supplements over any OTC-diet formulas. These two, as long as you find the most natural versions and not the chemical-stuffed ones, will be better for your body in the long run.
Good luck on your quest for a healthier, sweatier life <3

Going for Raspberry Ketone? This is our recommendation.

Alternatively, try out the Acai Super Cleanse.

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Great article!! Very informative!

By -
Well written and great info.

By -
A new information indeed. But I find it hard to believe them, as I have tried a lot on weight loss and found that cutting calories and exercise does the job, even if you include every kind of food in your diet. Good job though!

By -
I think this thoughtful clear thinking article is wonderfully helpful, which given how much confusion many 'health' or supplement sites give out is a real help to people trying to sift through a lot of 'disinformation'. Thanks Hannah. Xx

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Great read very informative

By -
Great and informative article. Explains everything about the two supplements in details, as most people finds some articles confusing and contradicting.

By -
A well written and informative article that speaks the truth about supplements and healthy living.

By -
A well written and informative article that speaks the truth about supplements and healthy living.

By -
Hi Hanna, what you said here is true, I would have to say that this a very informative article.. Health is wealth, what better way for us to be healthy is to stick and support the most natural way to be healthy.. =`)

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Such a informative article that tells people to be in love with natural way of losing weight.

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