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Becoming a Better Runner: The Kinetic Revolution

Becoming a Better Runner: The Kinetic Revolution

A runner like myself? Then you’d probably want to improve so you can run better, faster, and without injuries - right?
In my quest for new and fresh information on running techniques, I came across James Dunne’s Kinetic Revolution blog and found myself two hours later still occupied with his posts. Although initially having been researching about an injury for a client of mine, this blog caught my attention due to James’ very pragmatic yet theory-based approach to running. I especially agree with his approach on the Heel Strike Hype – the one-size-fits-all current approach of the media that’s advertising the forefoot strike as a universal solution. It may be a great solution for some, but I agree with James that people are different, and so are their running styles – and we should work with our running technique from the standpoint of where each individual runner is.
Having just started my coaching business, I decided to give his 6-week course on Running Biomechanics a go to see if it was any good. I’m usually rather skeptical about all this online-stuff-that-promises-immediate-results – but with all the information for free on the site, and no immediate-results-promises the paid course could only be good at the least.
Eventually it turned out to be a great investment.

In short, the technical approach to running provided in the course is supplemented by videos that will help you understand exactly what is meant by the theory – it’s a great course if you want to understand more about your own running technique and, of course, improve it.
After all, did anybody ever teach you to run? Or is it just something we do without too much thinking? You know, like – one foot in front of the other…
This course enhanced my belief in a more theoretical approach to running.

Is this course for me…?

I’m assuming you’re reading this post cause you’re into running – and if that’s the case, I do believe that you’ll find James’ course very valuable. It’ll improve your running whether you do 5k’s or marathons (and also, he says, if you’re a triathlete – which I’m not, so can’t say much on that front).
The course will set you back $49.99 – but will for sure move your running forward!

Join the Kinetic Revolution Online Running Course

The Course

More specifically, the course is a 6-week course designed to improve your running style, speed and efficiency week by week. It teaches you how to harness significant energy from your upper body as well as improve and correct your running posture. The course is built up gradually, giving you and your body time to adjust to the new changes.
Each point is shown clearly through the use of videos, which is something that from my experience really sets this course apart – you can read tons of valuable articles anywhere online, but once you go and put this theory into practice, you’re not exactly sure how to perform every move. With this course you have the whole package to both improve your running and understand the biomechanics behind it.
Each training session comes with strengthening exercises as well as a stretching routine to do post-workout.

Apart from the course itself, what’s also really valuable is the access you get to the members forum. Here you can get advice and help from other members as well as the coaches themselves, which I find rather helpful.

I’d almost deem the access to the members forum worth as much as the course itself, as it’s a lifetime access gained through a one-time payment. Also, the coaches are accessible and will answer your questions within a reasonable timespan.

The course – good and bad


  • The videos are super helpful, and in general all the content is great
  • The course moves forward at a pace that allows your body to adjust to the changes
  • The members forum is very helpful
  • It’s a course to improve your running style permanently – so no quick-fix that’ll come back and bite you in the b*** later
  • 10% of each sale goes to cancer research


  • For beginners, a short guide on warming up could be helpful
  • User friendliness could be slightly better in terms of login etc. (but I think I’m also being pretty critical here)

So again – why?

If you don’t care too much about your runs, of course this is not meant for you. But if running is a passion of yours and you like to improve, I don’t see why not. James feels so comfortable about his product that he also gives you a money-back-guarantee, so that if after 60 days you’re not happy with the outcome you didn’t lose anything else than a bit of effort.
With the course also comes a two hour coaching webinar, a gluteal muscle activation sequence and a runners knee rehab program.
Currently the course sells at $49.99 (usually it’s $129.99) – not sure for how long though.

Click here to join the Kinetic Revolution Online Running Course

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Just bought the course for my sister.
Hope it will make the magic !

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