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Anne Clara Laugesen

Anne Clara Laugesen


Anne Clara Laugesen is an entrepreneur & startup consultant and author of the 1-Hour Goddess. Having a BSc from Copenhagen Business School and an MA from Tel Aviv University, she's helping startups acquire new users at Webnology and runs her blog WorkoutPerfect.

For years Anne Clara was struggling with self-confidence issues, extra kilos and eating disorders. Even running a full marathon didn't help. It wasn't until she discovered clean eating and resistance training that she found a way to change - but with her busy daily routine, time to dedicate to the new findings was limited.

Uncovering the science of muscle building for women, she found a way to integrate her newfound affections into a busy life. She is now a stronger, happier person.

Her mission with the 1-Hour Goddess is to share her discoveries with other women struggling to lose weight using inefficient traditional beliefs. She strives to make the information on losing weight by building muscle accessible to all.

What makes Anne Clara get up in the morning is the thought of a new day, a new option to go and change a little corner of the world.

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